Thursday, March 1, 2012

Check out that Rack!

i had a little fun with that title. but in all seriousness...

you think you know your Rack pretty intimately, and then suddenly

this Rack is in tip-top shape! the grand opening was today, thursday march 1st.

i was invited to the Nordstrom Rack TweetUp this past tuesday to get a sneak peak of all the delicious wares at the new store.

dj on deck - his mixing was stellar

Rubin Skipper knows his Nordstrom Rack suit designers
everything was gleaming and the music was pumping.

local "tweeps" and bloggers were snapping pictures with their phones or cameras and tweeting up a storm!

the store was abuzz with excitement.  shoppers were filling their baskets gleefully.

all the Nordstrom attendants wore a smile and seemed just as exhilarated as the shoppers! no, seriously!

the selection was out of this world.  i do not think i have ever seen a store in more perfect order.

Nordstrom trivia!

The first Nordstrom Rack opened as a clearance center in the lower-level of the downtown Seattle Nordstrom store in November of 1972. The first stand-alone Nordstrom Rack opened in 1987 in Seattle. As Nordstrom expanded to other parts of the country, Nordstrom Rack stores followed. 

my good friend Brittney and i could not stop gasping at all the stellar designer items and the shockingly low prices...

"oh my gosh, i can so afford this!" kept issuing from our mouths

i think i spent the most amount of time in the shoe section.  
...the shoe selection was out of this world.

these gorgeous kicks came home with me!
i must have fallen into a hypnotic stupor out of sheer-shoe-elation because at some point i realized i was surrounded by boxes and wasn't so sure what had taken place.  but i knew i was in love...

i have to say a HUGE thank you to Matthew Ralston, Veronica Son (Nordstrom Rack Store Manager), and Nordstrom Rack for letting me into the Rack for a sneak peak!  i had the best time and can't wait to visit again for the awesome selection and even better prices.

got me some coach, baby
happy shopping!

some more goodies, posted to Twitter during the TweetUp: