brokeintheOC.com is a place for the frugal-minded to discover fun activities in Orange County. I love finding new places to eat, inexpensive activities, and any kind of deal - all local to the OC. I blog about all my finds here so come by often!

Here is a top 10 list of things I really like and that you will probably read a bit about in my blog posts:
  1. family and friends
  2. cat videos
  3. snacks
  4. drinks
  5. music
  6. gardening
  7. shopping for a good deal (on anything)
  8. jogging
  9. reading a classic novel with a drink in hand, in some shade, on a gorgeous beach in Cancun
  10. making websites (more about that here)
So now you know quite a bit about me. You can now say you know that girl behind broke in the OC!