Wednesday, June 30, 2010

awesome online clothing deal for a good cause - LiNK

liberty in north korea (LiNK) is a non-profit org. based in southern california. its mission is to educate others about the north korea human rights crisis, protect north korean refuges in shelters, advocate for the freedom of north koreans, and provide resources for and empower these refuges.

the non-profit depends primarily on donations. another way to support LiNK is through their store:

(photos: LiNK)

LiNK has some seriously talented designers and graphic artists -their trademark shirts are super adorable!
their shirts are very much affordable and...
they have a stellar sale section which i couldn't help raiding:

unisex "legalize freedom" v-neck
(also comes in women's, w/ different graphic and fit)
$8 grab bin section
($8, photo: LiNK)

unisex "run dmz" shirt
(also comes in women's)
$8 grab bin section
($8, photo: LiNK)

i also found this cute item for a broke girl price!

graphically appealing certified organic tote
accessories section
($10, photo: LiNK)

oh! but the best part about LiNK's store is that they are currently offering a 15% discount of your purchase when you enter the code "SUMMERSALE" at checkout. awesome, right?
hurry, this deal only lasts til august 9th!

LiNK also partners with other non-profits, such as full circle (above), and offers great deals on other products, such as the free trade coffee, tea and chocolate (my mouth is watering), to help another good cause!
(photo: LiNK store, full circle)

i came across LiNK a couple years back when they held a very emotional, inspirational information session at my university. i signed up for their mailing list and have been enjoying a once-a-month update on the org's progress and store updates, like the info above. if you want to sign up for these emailers, click here.

ya done good.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 free thursday & friday night events in & around the OC area

if you are already restless for the weekend, then i have your remedy!

...visit evo lounge in long beach this thursday, july 1st, at 7pm for drink specials, no cover, and awesome music from up-and-coming musical talent amherst aisle
(photo: evo lounge)

members: ben kashuk, michael klein, kevin leonard, and derrick chan
(photo: amherst aisle, myspace)

evo lounge has an awesome drink special for thursdays, 2 drinks for the price of 1! now that's a broke girl's fantasy-come-reality

(photo: evo lounge)

and then...
to celebrate the coming of the weekend, hit up detroit bar on friday, july 2nd at 9pm for some free, all night dancing!

detroit bar is a super hip joint, one of my favorite hang-outs.
and they sure know how to make a strong one (thank you!)

(photo: detroit bar)

located at:
843 W. 19th st
costa mesa

so all you 21 and overs, head to the detroit bar for some good dancing with djs colossal knxn, andy airwolf, and mattr, and guest dj khoizilla hosted by visual adhesive
(photo: detroit bar)

be safe, see you there

Sunday, June 27, 2010

microsoft kinect, apple iphone 4g, and godiva

taking the title of this post as a hint, you may have determined that i went to the mall today! we visited "the shops at mission viejo" mall today after we found out that the microsoft kinect is being featured at the microsoft store. it was pretty stellar to witness and a lot of fun!

the geek-out:

an obstacle course game

the rafting game i played. the microsoft employee was a great team-player! he really had fun getting others to give the kinect a go. recognize my "summer dress?"

the kinect needed to scan our images to create/recognize a unique profile for each player... neat!

above is a youtube video of my go at the raft adventure game using the microsoft kinect for xbox 360

i really recommend that you give the kinect a go! two microsoft stores are located in california - san diego and mission viejo (there are only 4 in existence). while you are at the store, try out the microsoft surface which is a whole lot of fun as well!

while we were geeking out at the fabulous mission viejo mall, my double-agent boyfriend and i hit up the apple store as well to get a look at the iphone 4g, which he pre-ordered a week ago. he is getting ansy for his new toy (i am too!)

a look at the all new design compared against the iphone 3g -- flat sides instead of the usual, sleek curved sides so that you can stand it up-right for "face time."

the new retina display screen is amazing! you can make out and read super-fine text on the advanced, high-res screen.

our next mission was to get some free chocolates...

i had heard from a friend that godiva has a stellar deal for their "godiva chocolate rewards club" members... a free chocolate every month! you get one upon signing up. we got a milk chocolate ganache bliss and a hazelnut truffle.

there are many other perks to joining the club which you can find here. you can sign up for the godiva chocolate rewards club at any godiva shop! highly recommend it!


Friday, June 25, 2010

urban outfitters LSTN #10

iiiit's here! urban's newest, free downloadable music compilation - LSTN #10 !!
i am soo excited to share this!

my favorites are:

"world sick" by broken social scene
(one of my favorite groups)
"zorbing" by stornoway
(features a beautiful vocal and instrumental sound sort of like jens lekman)
"lady daydream" by twin sisters
(harkens back to an almost 60's vibe)
"night and day" by chief
(really sweet, easy to love)

find it here.
(all photos: urban outfitters)

and because i have yet to conquer my shopaholic tendencies...

why not listen to the music through these shnazzy speakers?
apartment sale section
($15, photo: urban outfitters)

...whilst sitting on this comfy, gorgeous sofa?
apartment sale section
($500, photo: urban outfitters)


nori sushi - mission viejo's bargain sushi sanctuary

nori sushi, mission viejo, is completely unexpected. the sushi joint features a charming, hip atmosphere and scrumptious, inexpensive bites (any broke girl will love it!).

my car was getting serviced in the area and so i decided to take a stroll and check the area out. i noticed this place's amazing deals and came back that same evening for dinner!

i asked the sushi chefs if i could take a picture of them and the counter, they smiled, said "oh, yes!" and quickly exited through the curtains. i tried to call them back and in one of my shots you can see a confused head between the curtains only to hide again... whoops.

amazing deals!! i am definitely going to have to hit up the friday and saturday "crazy party night" deals!

super adorable, classic japanese style dining area.

our (half-eaten) food... we were so hungry when we sat down that i forgot to take some pictures of the fare. the rainbow roll, half-shown above, came to $7.50

miso soup and edamame came as free appetizers. we also got 2 orders of salmon sushi (which was sooo scrumptious and buttery!) for $3 each and a $6 salmon teriyaki dinner (deliciousss) that came with an orange-puree salad and rice. the sweet, tangy plum wine was amazing and only $3. our total came to about $25 with tax!

nori sushi has a list of teriyaki meals offered at $5 for lunch and $6 for dinner.

highly recommend checking out this hidden sushi haven, nori sushi!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

the thrifted "summer dress"

rare is the day when i don't feel like shopping. today was no exception to the usual. it was hot so i felt that i needed a dress, a NEW summer dress.

however, the lack of funds situation snagged me. then i recalled a sizzling tube dress i saw at a department store and thought, hey i can replicate that easy (and cheaply)! i set off to the local thrift store and found two lovely, long, elastic band skirts:

the teal, indigo, and black skirt caught my eye right off the bat. i figure it will be excellent for going out in. the floral print is subtle and pairs well with almost any bag.

one outfit

as you can see, I spent very little on my two new summer dresses. i plan to buy another two belts somewhere to better show-case them. =D

i recommend any goodwill (they're especially good in orange county such as the lake forest "keepers" goodwill), buffalo exchange at the lab in costa mesa, and crossroads in costa mesa.

if you're not the type to purchase pre-used clothing, here are some other venues for purchasing this popular dress style.

"trixxi" black and white leaf print tube dress with black belt
($45, photo: macy's)

dreamy cream and sparkle mini tube dress
by etsy designer "
($43, photo:


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CRAZY deals from hot online boutique "Pretty Pennies"

Pretty Pennies seems to be having an identity crisis... all-star brands for insane deals! it's a broke girl's dream-come-true. 20% off an order with code *20pretty10*, free shipping on an order of over $60.

so if brokeintheOC does her math right, that's some... serious savings!! let the shopping commence...

adorable obey "wine stain" mini-dress
2 mediums left, sale section
($31, two photos: pretty pennies)

"cheap monday" dark wash skinny jeans
one 25" and two 27" left, sale section
($36, photo: pretty pennies)

"obey" dunaway heather charcoal jacket
1 xs and 1 large left
($46, photo: pretty pennies)

"han cholo" big stud earrings - broke girl splurge
**pair these with a pretty, white summer dress for some off-beat glamour
($32, photo: pretty pennies)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Comedy at Irvine Improv!

who: liquid courage with robbie pickard
what: free (see below) comedy entertainment
where: irvine improve at the spectrum - get directions here
when: this saturday, june 26th at 11pm

to get in for free, you will need to sign into facebook and visit the facebook event page at the link below:

LIQUID COURAGE @ Irvine Improv June 26th 11pm!!

comment on the wall of the event with your full name and the number of tickets wanted to get yourself and friend(s) in for free!

(photos: improv comedy club; robbie pickard)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

night by night - chromeo free DL!

!! free download alert !!

if you are not a chromeo fan, you may soon be after downloading "night by night" for free here.

(scroll down a bit to the first button in the "Tracks" column on the right).(photos: Mtn Dew, PepsiCo)

you can watch the (hot) music video there as well, recommended!
(photo: Mtn Dew, PepsiCo)

while you are downloading the file, go ahead and listen to other songs by chromeo. :)

(photo: chromeo, myspace)


Friday, June 18, 2010

urban outfitters LSTN #9

UO's LSTN album #9 didn't come out all that recently but I have been revisiting the compilation and re-loving it. If you don't have the album, get it here.

I have to say, Caribou's Odessa, Penguin Prison's remix of Rocket by Goldfrapp, and Lali Puna's Remember are my faves on the album. I hope you check it out!
...and while I am perusing UO's site, I came across these little gems in the sale section...

(photos: Urban Outfitters)