Thursday, June 24, 2010

the thrifted "summer dress"

rare is the day when i don't feel like shopping. today was no exception to the usual. it was hot so i felt that i needed a dress, a NEW summer dress.

however, the lack of funds situation snagged me. then i recalled a sizzling tube dress i saw at a department store and thought, hey i can replicate that easy (and cheaply)! i set off to the local thrift store and found two lovely, long, elastic band skirts:

the teal, indigo, and black skirt caught my eye right off the bat. i figure it will be excellent for going out in. the floral print is subtle and pairs well with almost any bag.

one outfit

as you can see, I spent very little on my two new summer dresses. i plan to buy another two belts somewhere to better show-case them. =D

i recommend any goodwill (they're especially good in orange county such as the lake forest "keepers" goodwill), buffalo exchange at the lab in costa mesa, and crossroads in costa mesa.

if you're not the type to purchase pre-used clothing, here are some other venues for purchasing this popular dress style.

"trixxi" black and white leaf print tube dress with black belt
($45, photo: macy's)

dreamy cream and sparkle mini tube dress
by etsy designer "
($43, photo:


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