Friday, June 25, 2010

urban outfitters LSTN #10

iiiit's here! urban's newest, free downloadable music compilation - LSTN #10 !!
i am soo excited to share this!

my favorites are:

"world sick" by broken social scene
(one of my favorite groups)
"zorbing" by stornoway
(features a beautiful vocal and instrumental sound sort of like jens lekman)
"lady daydream" by twin sisters
(harkens back to an almost 60's vibe)
"night and day" by chief
(really sweet, easy to love)

find it here.
(all photos: urban outfitters)

and because i have yet to conquer my shopaholic tendencies...

why not listen to the music through these shnazzy speakers?
apartment sale section
($15, photo: urban outfitters)

...whilst sitting on this comfy, gorgeous sofa?
apartment sale section
($500, photo: urban outfitters)


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