Wednesday, June 30, 2010

awesome online clothing deal for a good cause - LiNK

liberty in north korea (LiNK) is a non-profit org. based in southern california. its mission is to educate others about the north korea human rights crisis, protect north korean refuges in shelters, advocate for the freedom of north koreans, and provide resources for and empower these refuges.

the non-profit depends primarily on donations. another way to support LiNK is through their store:

(photos: LiNK)

LiNK has some seriously talented designers and graphic artists -their trademark shirts are super adorable!
their shirts are very much affordable and...
they have a stellar sale section which i couldn't help raiding:

unisex "legalize freedom" v-neck
(also comes in women's, w/ different graphic and fit)
$8 grab bin section
($8, photo: LiNK)

unisex "run dmz" shirt
(also comes in women's)
$8 grab bin section
($8, photo: LiNK)

i also found this cute item for a broke girl price!

graphically appealing certified organic tote
accessories section
($10, photo: LiNK)

oh! but the best part about LiNK's store is that they are currently offering a 15% discount of your purchase when you enter the code "SUMMERSALE" at checkout. awesome, right?
hurry, this deal only lasts til august 9th!

LiNK also partners with other non-profits, such as full circle (above), and offers great deals on other products, such as the free trade coffee, tea and chocolate (my mouth is watering), to help another good cause!
(photo: LiNK store, full circle)

i came across LiNK a couple years back when they held a very emotional, inspirational information session at my university. i signed up for their mailing list and have been enjoying a once-a-month update on the org's progress and store updates, like the info above. if you want to sign up for these emailers, click here.

ya done good.

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