Thursday, July 1, 2010

my top 5 favorite free app store apps

it's been one of those days where technology has consumed away the hours of the day... so i decided on a late post relating to my tiny obsession with my ipod.

my five fave free apps:

1. “craigsphone – craigslist for iphone” by next mobile web

this is the functionally best free craigslist iphone app i have tried (and i've tried a lot...). if you are a craigslist junkie like i am, this is the free app you need! unlike the other free craigslist apps out there, craigsphone really emulates the craigslist experience in simplicity and ease-of-use.

(photos: craigsphone)

2. “ dinner spinner” by all recipes, inc.

i have never claimed to be a good chef. in fact, if you ask my family, they will all fight to be the one to tell the story of how i "almost burned the house down." but ever since i discovered all recipes' "dinner spinner" i have realized that maybe i can cook something delicious and eat it -satisfied and unscathed. the dinner spinner is so much fun. you can choose amongst different dish types, ingredients, and preparation times to get the perfect meal. my favorite find, and most-often re-made dish using the dinner spinner is the "alaska-baked salmon dish," mm mm mmm... (we had it tonight!)


3. “soundhound” by melodis corporation

the other day i was at the local coffee shop,
where they thankfully play awesome music, and i decided that i just couldn't miss out on the current song's title, it was so good. i quickly searched the app store on my ipod and found soundhound, for free! and i found the name of the song. =)

i don't know how long the promotional, free app is going to last so hop on it! the original app is still in the app store at $4.99. you get 5 song "tags," or identifications, a month with the free version.

also, "shazam" by shazam entertainment ltd has the same free, 5-tags a month app deal out so you can download both and get 10 song tags a month! (photos: soundhound)

4. “scrabble tile rack” by electronic arts

in conjunction with the "scrabble" app for the ipad ($10), the free "scrabble tile rack" app makes any get-together fun and memorable. virtual scrabble is just so much more fun! the app is you tile rack and you can also check words in the dictionary and "shuffle" the tiles (which makes a delightful noise). as long as you have at least two other friends with a device with the app, that ipad attached to your palms, and electronic arts' scrabble app, you've got a game already going! to sum it all up, who doesn't love scrabble?

(photos: entertainment arts,

5. “touch4: fs5” by flipside5, inc.
the last app is also the most addictive. remember connect-four? well this is connect-four to the next level, you can play against the computers or nearby friends who have the app on their device. it's just too much fun... takes you back a couple years, haha. and you really won't be able to stop playing.

(photos: flipside5 inc., itunes app store)

try 'em out, they're free!


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