Thursday, July 8, 2010

behind the hype press!

i am really excited to share this bit of news: my first online article is published!

last month i attended a matt pond pa concert and wrote an article for behind the hype on the stellar experience.

you can find the article here!

behind the hype is a power-house for intriguing, high quality music, movie, and pop culture reviews. so it is really an honor to write for the site!
(photo: behind the hype logo)

here are some extra shots from the show:

detroit bar, costa mesa

youtube video: matt pond pa performs "lily two"

see you tonight, detroit bar!



  1. OMG Sarah that is so cool!! I love the article! And I had no idea you had a blog, so I'm glad you found me!


  2. Major congratulations on getting your article published!
    Have to go do some more R&D on Matt pond pa. They sound so good!