Tuesday, July 20, 2010

if you missed urban outfitter's 7.19 music monday like i did...

don't worry! you can still get the songs!

(image: urban outfitters)

just go to this -link- and you can preview each of the 10 songs and/or scroll down and click on the "download 10 free songs" red button to get the tunes.

(i looooove "die" by carissa's weird with its phenomenal piano accompaniment and vocal harmonizing)

while listening i (true to nature) rummaged through the virtual sale bins and found some select pieces for super cheap:

arrow chain hair-comb ($7)
silver (above) & gold
(photo: urban outfitters)

yellow (sizes 8-10 only) & black
(photo: urban outfitters)

kimchi blue eyelet mini dress ($25)
black, lavender, pale pink, & caribbean blue
(photo: urban outfitters)

double flower ring ($7)
gold, silver, & brass (above)
(photo: urban outfitters)

it's a broke girl's life for sure


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