Sunday, June 27, 2010

microsoft kinect, apple iphone 4g, and godiva

taking the title of this post as a hint, you may have determined that i went to the mall today! we visited "the shops at mission viejo" mall today after we found out that the microsoft kinect is being featured at the microsoft store. it was pretty stellar to witness and a lot of fun!

the geek-out:

an obstacle course game

the rafting game i played. the microsoft employee was a great team-player! he really had fun getting others to give the kinect a go. recognize my "summer dress?"

the kinect needed to scan our images to create/recognize a unique profile for each player... neat!

above is a youtube video of my go at the raft adventure game using the microsoft kinect for xbox 360

i really recommend that you give the kinect a go! two microsoft stores are located in california - san diego and mission viejo (there are only 4 in existence). while you are at the store, try out the microsoft surface which is a whole lot of fun as well!

while we were geeking out at the fabulous mission viejo mall, my double-agent boyfriend and i hit up the apple store as well to get a look at the iphone 4g, which he pre-ordered a week ago. he is getting ansy for his new toy (i am too!)

a look at the all new design compared against the iphone 3g -- flat sides instead of the usual, sleek curved sides so that you can stand it up-right for "face time."

the new retina display screen is amazing! you can make out and read super-fine text on the advanced, high-res screen.

our next mission was to get some free chocolates...

i had heard from a friend that godiva has a stellar deal for their "godiva chocolate rewards club" members... a free chocolate every month! you get one upon signing up. we got a milk chocolate ganache bliss and a hazelnut truffle.

there are many other perks to joining the club which you can find here. you can sign up for the godiva chocolate rewards club at any godiva shop! highly recommend it!


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