Friday, June 25, 2010

nori sushi - mission viejo's bargain sushi sanctuary

nori sushi, mission viejo, is completely unexpected. the sushi joint features a charming, hip atmosphere and scrumptious, inexpensive bites (any broke girl will love it!).

my car was getting serviced in the area and so i decided to take a stroll and check the area out. i noticed this place's amazing deals and came back that same evening for dinner!

i asked the sushi chefs if i could take a picture of them and the counter, they smiled, said "oh, yes!" and quickly exited through the curtains. i tried to call them back and in one of my shots you can see a confused head between the curtains only to hide again... whoops.

amazing deals!! i am definitely going to have to hit up the friday and saturday "crazy party night" deals!

super adorable, classic japanese style dining area.

our (half-eaten) food... we were so hungry when we sat down that i forgot to take some pictures of the fare. the rainbow roll, half-shown above, came to $7.50

miso soup and edamame came as free appetizers. we also got 2 orders of salmon sushi (which was sooo scrumptious and buttery!) for $3 each and a $6 salmon teriyaki dinner (deliciousss) that came with an orange-puree salad and rice. the sweet, tangy plum wine was amazing and only $3. our total came to about $25 with tax!

nori sushi has a list of teriyaki meals offered at $5 for lunch and $6 for dinner.

highly recommend checking out this hidden sushi haven, nori sushi!


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