Saturday, September 11, 2010

if i can win, so can you!! giveaways - island organics is the best go-to site for premier boutiques in san francisco, orange county, and san diego areas.

(image: logo)

they also feature a weekly giveaway! and all you need to do to enter is "like"'s facebook page! just check the site each friday at 10am to see if you've been selected and, if you see your face on the site, rush on over to the facebook page and be the first to comment on the giveaway post!

(image: and island organics giveaway icon)

last friday i was lucky enough to be selected and by a stroke of luck was the first one to comment on the facebook giveaway post! i won three delicious island organics lotions!!

island organics shipped my prize the same day! i love their packaging touches including a personalized note.

sooo excited!! island organics sent me their three signature lotions: toasted coconut, mangostein, and tahitian vanilla. yumm!!

the lotions smell sooooo good.
i usually have a hard time with scented products but these lotions are natural and organic so their beautiful fragrances makes me feel fresh and head-ache free!!

thank you & island organics!

forever a fan,

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