Monday, October 25, 2010

the swilt!! check out this innovative new product!!

a friend of mine recently went after his dream and brought his versatile sweater + quilt product concept to life. this ingenious product is called the swilt.

i got to try out the swilt over the weekend and have become a fan!

the swilt functions as a hooded sweater and doubles as a full-body covering that can keep you warm in the house, out at a sporting event, camping, or in almost any other situation.

the swilt is made out of fleece. in its rolled-up format, the swilt is a comfortable hoodie-sweater. two clasps keep the blanket part of the swilt tucked in and pretty much undetectable.

releasing the clasps allows the wearer to transform the sweater into a head-to-toe warming garment, perfect for keeping in the warmth. the rolled out position is so cozy, i could have fallen asleep in seconds.

just in case you're camping or going to a sporting event in the swilt, it's foot envelope is equipped with a durable, wipe-able fabric on the outside so both your feet and the inside fleece are protected from dirt!

the swilt is an amazing new product that is sure to catch a lot of attention, especially in the coming colder days. at only $30, it's really a bargain! it is really an ideal product for camp-a-holics, sports game-goers, picnickers, and anyone looking for some extra warmth!

check out the swilt's site by clicking -here- to find out how to get your own swilt!

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  1. hahaha it's like the new snuggie. cool.

  2. It is better than the snuggie! I own one and it is without a doubt a must have!

  3. Sorry correction :)

  4. thanks, christine and ivori!! yeah, way better than the snuggie!! =D