Tuesday, November 9, 2010

cake pops cookbook giveaway from Savvy Sassy Moms!!

check out Savvy Sassy Moms' cake pop bake-book giveaway!!

(image: savvy sassy moms logo)

you may have heard of these little cakey delights, or seen them sold in bakeries, but have you ever thought of baking them yourself?

(image: bakerella's cake pops book, via savvy sassy moms)

now's your chance to try it out along with Savvy Sassy Moms by employing the genius of Bakerella and her new cake pop book!!

to find out how to enter to win Bakerella's cake pop bake-book, visit the giveaway post -here-!! contest ends november 11th end-of-day.

check out this video of Bakerella and her cake pops!!

bake me some!


  1. My heavens. These look so good. I'm still trying to bake decent cupcakes, so I don't think I'll try making them myself, but I will buy some!