Tuesday, May 17, 2011

THREAD Show OC: Sun-kissed Stylish Fun!

I had a great time at THREAD OC this past Sunday, May 15th. the event took place at The Lab in Costa Mesa. I was due for some shopping therapy with my little sister so we rushed on over, excited to dive in!

my sister and I
visited almost every booth looking at all the beautiful baubles, trinkets, and gems. we took long digs through countless racks of fun garments and met many great local designers!

here’s my photo synopsis on the fun I had at THREAD Show:

Aya of Aya Papaya couldn't have looked cooler in the warmth of the sun! her beautiful, hand-made feather earrings and hair-clips fluttered in the wind. her booth was rarely uncrowded!

we watched her put in feather extensions for a young gal with expertise and a smile. be sure to check out the Aya Papaya Etsy store to get in on the feather trend - sooo fun!

I bought a beautiful necklace from Tebi Jewels pictured above! they have really eye-catching costume jewelry for super affordable prices. the necklace I bought looks like it's worth a whole lot more than I purchased it for!

thanks, ladies!! I love it!

the gals at the Prevent Tent for Balance in Motion were really sweet! we got some seriously important info on nutrition after spinning the giveaway wheel.

Balance in Motion is located in Costa mesa and offers chiropractic services, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, nutrition consultation and planning, just to name a few! we even got some great coupons - perfect for the broke in-need of massage.

Gloss Boutique where we shopped before the event. be sure to check out their sale section where we found some adorable dresses and tops for stellar prices!

Briana Rene's decked out booth. the ladies here let us know that they will be opening their boutique at hot new OC Mix Mart off the 405!

THREAD Show models

more shopping!

a look inside my gift bag. there were plenty of free samples to be had! if you were hungry for a meal, THREAD had you covered with fresh tacos from a food truck!

vendor print collage!

I had a blast at THREAD Show OC and can't wait for the next one! to catch the full 2011 THREAD Show schedule, click here.

congrats again to my giveaway winners! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. : ]

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