Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day is Coming - Unique Ideas and Gifts

that special day is coming up where you and your hun-bun rush around town, getting in dinner and desert, exchanging gifts, cards, flowers, etc. and then recount the story to your co-workers the next day trying to sum it up in under 5 minutes so the next person can out-do your Valentine's Day narrative with theirs.

don't peg me as the anti-Valentine's Day gal - i am all for the romance that v-day encourages, but why not do it differently this year?  in looking up ideas on, the following came up as pretty red-hot options:

A. why not have the entire family bake together! it's so easy to purchase bakery items and other Valentine's day sweets but you can have tons of fun baking heart-shaped goodies instead:

what about some heart-y cookies?
(nesting cookie cutters on

or maybe some... heart-shaped baked donuts! this pan even comes with recipes.
(heart donut pan on

B. if you're looking to be gifty, how about investing in food of the future - i'm just talking about gardening here!  in case you haven't heard of an AeroGarden, here's one:

(AeroGarden Classic with Gourmet Herb Seeds on

make that even hotter with an AeroGarden Salsa Garden Seed Kit:
(AeroGarden Salsa Garden Seed Kit on

C.  c'mon, you might as well treat yourself to something nice! why not get a little comfortable at the end of the day in a new beautiful night-time robe (hey, this could even double as lingerie, too!)
(Kimono Robe - Peacock and Blossom on

whatever you do for Valentine's Day, enjoy!


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