Monday, January 27, 2014

Top 10 Easiest Fabric Bleaching Projects

Being broke, I am always looking for inexpensive (if not free) ways to fulfill my need for getting creative. So... what could be cheaper than taking a bit of bleach from the laundry room and getting crafty with some fabric?

I found some out of this world fabric bleaching projects on the interwebs and compiled the top 10 easiest here. Click the tutorial title or picture to see Enjoy!

**Bleach is best used on natural fibers like cotton, linen, and rayon.

1) Stamp with Bleach on Fabric
This tutorial is a great one to begin with because of its simplicity as well as Untrendy Life artist Dora M.'s great advice on getting started. How beautiful is this green flower print fabric?
(via Untrendy Life)

2) Customized Toms
Those plain colored Toms in the back of your closet could use a new life! Why not customize them with a bit o' bleach?
(via Micki Current)

3) Bleach Stencil Pillow Shams
Create a stencil design that appeals to you and get your bleach on for this easy tutorial by Burlap and Denim.
(via Burlap and Denim)

4) Polka Dot Jeans
Why not get some extra wear out of your boring jeans by polka-dot-ifying them. A bleach pen is especially useful for this DIY. FYI: the tutorial is given in pictures (it's just that easy).
(via Crafted in Carhartt)

5) Lace Impression Fabric
Achieve a beautiful lace effect by spraying bleach over fabric. The simplicity of this tutorial by Farm House Garden is so exciting!
(via Farm House Garden)

6) Bleach Stencil Graphic T-Shirts
Now you can be a cheeky graphic t-shirt artist with a few simple steps. You will need some patience and a scalpel for making your stencils, but clearly the effort is worth it.

7) Firework Design Napkin
This DIY tutorial is so simple to do but so beautiful that it will make you feel like a true artist! It doesn't have to be a napkin, either... what about doing this print on the ribbon of a wide brim straw hat?
(via Paula Deen)

8) Foliage Impression Fabric
How easy does this tutorial from Threads Magazine look? Grab a cotton scarf you are bored of or a yard of fabric that you plan to turn into something else. I can even imagine some beautiful curtains with a foliage pattern.
(via Threads Magazine)

9) Paisley Bag
This tutorial by Dot will take a bit of patience and focus but look at how rewarding! I am thinking of getting a white bag with an indigo blue.
(via Scratching the Canvas)

10) Galaxy Print T-Shirt
This literally out of this world tutorial is a bit more advanced, but obviously worth the effort. The creator behind this tutorial, Gwen, is a stylish gal to follow.
(via This Fashion is Mine)

get creative and have a bright day!

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