Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring Window Shopping - Continued...

When I hit a wall while working I often find myself on Amazon, just perusing around... almost always in the clothing section.

Is it just me or is Amazon kind of addicting to shop around on? I just know they have put tons of research into snagging the helpless internet-shopping-obsessed, such as myself, into an online shopping binge that can last hours... ok, I may be exaggerating there - really, though, I don't think Amazon is evil in any way. I really love Amazon, it is so useful!

Anyway, here are some fun finds I had to share on the blog (Note: Not Safe For Work - bras and lacy things included below). Somehow it got a bit lacy and mostly white/pastel...

Maybe next time I will post about the weird things I find on Amazon... hm, that sounds like a lot of fun, I think I will start looking for some right now.


Just an FYI: this post features Amazon affiliate links.

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