Monday, October 1, 2012

save some money on produce - grow it yourself!

gardening is a hobby of mine.  i wish i could say i grow a lot of, even a quarter of the produce i consume but the reality is that's just not possible, especially in my small OC condo's patio space.  still i am surprised by what i can grow - sometimes without purchasing anything extra!

here's a post from The Healthy Hybrid's Facebook page with 15+ foods you can grow from produce scraps:

via The Healthy Hybrid

...currently i have the following growing in my patio-space: pineapple plant (from scrap), sweet potatoes (from scrap), potatoes (from scrap), onions (from scrap), garlic (from scrap), shallot (from scrap), green onion (from scrap), as well as other plants and herbs from store-bought seed.

growing produce is a fun activity for the family!  it also might save you a bit of money here and there.  enjoy!


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