Wednesday, August 4, 2010

refinery 29 giveaway: rossmore jewelry!!

rossmore recently held a giveaway with refinery29 to win the line's signature horizon pendant necklace, and guess who the lucky winner was? me!

(image: rossmore logo)

the jewelry line, based out of l.a., is truly inspired. the design is fresh and unique.
each piece lends a subtly striking attractiveness to absolutely any outfit, and any gal.

i received my rossmore booty over the weekend and could not wait to open the packages:

the assortment of rossmore goody parcels.

such cute wrapping details!!

the signature horizon pendant.

the creator behind rossmore explains that the pendant was cast from a beautiful seashell shard she found on the beach - how creative and clever!!

the package contained an adorable wish bracelet, the above dangle earrings, and unparalleled rossmore horizon pendant.

the horizon pendant paired with my grandmother's ring. i submitted an explanation of that ring as my entry to the giveaway!

thanks to long for the photography and of course ms. suzy for your awe-inspiring creativity and remarkable passion.



  1. That's a beauty! Love that its gold too. Congratulations.

  2. radnessss!! you are rad!!! yayyyy! thanks for the AMAZING shout out and photo-spectacular!! great!!

    >>> so happy you LOVE YOUR ROSSMORE!!! wooohoooo! xoxoxo

  3. thank you, suzy!!! =D

    i do love my rossmore sooo much!!!