Sunday, August 8, 2010

tomorrow: designer cynthia rowley's mobile shop exclusive event, costa mesa

chase away your "case of the mondays" with a favorite oc activity, shopping! stellar designer cynthia rowley has sent her "shop on wheels" to the oc area to showcase her latest!

(image: cynthia rowley logo)

tomorrow the cynthia rowley shop on wheels will park at lu lu boutique, costa mesa for an exclusive shopping event brought to you by the uber-stylish ladies at

(image: boutiquing logo)

again, this is an exclusive event and you must rsvp
(which automatically enters you for a jewelry drawing)!

to find out more about the event, other fashion/jewelry lines present, and to send in your rsvp, click -here-

**10% of proceeds benefit the charity, autism speaks**

here are some stellar images from cynthia rowley's 2010 resort collection:

(above 5 photos: cynthia rowley resort 2010)



  1. Ooh great stuff!! She makes such awesome clothes
    and yes! I loved AJs but sadly that dumb puff messed it up :(

  2. yeah i am a big cynthia rowley fan!! if only i wasn't so broke!